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With nearly 25 years of experience, ISEA – Guatemala is innovating and leading online education in Central America with a differentiated teaching and learning approach that adjusts the content, processes, and assessment to the needs or desires of each student of families. 

Your child deserves every opportunity to succeed.

Now ISEA is offering a Full English Program from Kinder, Preschool, Elementary, Middle, and High School. This is not a bilingual program, all content is taught in English at no extra cost. English tutors work with your kids providing guidance. 

Technological advancements and their impact in the future means the child needs to be prepared for the unknown.

80% of all knowledge on the internet is in English and even though there are other powers arising, the English language remains our de facto language to communicate with the world.

That is the main reason that we have to choose the right kind of education for our children so they will have an advantage in the years ahead.

The prohibitive costs of the bests bilingual schools leave many good students whose families do not possess enough economic resources without the possibility to advance.

ISEA´s full English program not only bridges the gap between the present and the future, but also the gap between a world-class education and affordability.

Tuition and enrollment

The same tuition of all other online programs. You can find costs and how to enroll following this link.

When filling out the enrollment form you´ll be asked which “Modalidad” are you enrolling in, choose  Full English and that´s all. Classess start the first week of february but you can gain access to all content enrolling now.